Preschool Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

Our preschool day is approximately 9:30-1:30, depending on the age of your child.

Are you are a state-licensed facility?

Yes: An inspection is conducted annually to verify that we are in compliance with state regulations for preschools/daycares. Our latest inspection report is available left-hand column.

Why is licensing important for you and your child?

The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services holds our preschool accountable for complying with state regulations so that each child is loved and nurtured in an environment with high safety standards at all times.

* 3 criminal record checks are conducted statewide and nationwide on all staff.
* TB tests/assessments are required every 2 years for all staff.
* All staff attend at least 15 hours of in-service annually. This includes a 6-hour State Orientation for newly hired staff.
* CPR & first aid certification requirements are exceeded with all of our staff participating in training.
* Fire drills, tornado drills and emergency drills and other drills required within the emergency disaster plan are conducted on a monthly/quarterly basis.
* An annual inspection of the central fire alarm system in the church is required.
* An annual inspection by the State Fire Marshal's office is conducted.
* A monthly inspection of all emergency lighting within the building is conducted.
* All licensing-required hand washings are met for children and staff.

What are the Student to Teacher Ratios?

Twos: 1 staff to 4 children,
Trained Twos, 3s, 4s, & 5s: 1 staff to 6 children

Tell me more about the staff.

High Staff Retention: Teachers and staff stay an average of 8+ years.

All of our 4/5 year-old lead teachers have college degrees.

We have two resource teachers on staff who work with children individually and in small groups.

Speech/Language & Occupational Therapists on site that will screen, test, and provide speech/language and/or occupational services to individual children upon request.

Do you handle children with food allergies?

Allergy Policy: We are a peanut/peanut product-free school.
Do they play outside?

Fenced playground and indoor gymnasium available to classes.

Our $205 registration fee is non-refundable.