Our History

Crestwood United Methodist has been a part of Crestwood since 1818

Over 200 Years in Crestwood, KY

Crestwood United Methodist Church's roots go back to 1818, when a log cabin was built on land less than two miles from the present campus. That marked the beginning of several moves and new buildings, until the purchase of a small plot of land that is presently a part of the seven-acre campus.

The first building on the present property was a church of beautiful stone construction with stained glass windows. It was built in 1921 and is now used as our Chapel. Over the years many souls came to know Christ between its walls. Although the Chapel’s use is mainly limited to weddings and funerals, it still maintains the spiritual aura and is a perfect place for Children’s Church each Sunday morning. Many other small groups within the church use the chapel, too.

The Fellowship Hall was built in 1956, and, with the continuing need for Sunday school rooms, the educational wing went up in 1980. These two buildings are now home, during the week, to the renowned Crestwood UMC Preschool. When attendance in the original church, now known as the Chapel, began to over-flow, our present church sanctuary with a capacity of 750 was constructed. We moved into it in 1992. Its design is in keeping with stonewalls and stained glass windows of the Chapel. This lovely more modern sanctuary is equipped with ample technical equipment for sound and screen use. The large balcony was designed to accommodate a "cry" room where the worship service can be heard and viewed by those who choose not to leave their infant in our regular nursery. The huge area below the new sanctuary has been designated and decorated for our youth and their activities.

In 2005 the Christian Living Center (CLC) was constructed. This building has a gymnasium, kitchen and several rooms for meetings and classes. The gym can also be used as a huge dining area when needed. It is a vital part of the church’s outreach to the community. There are at least 1,000 people, from various areas, in attendance on Saturday mornings during Upward Basketball games, cheering on their youngsters.

Other buildings on the church campus include three homes: a parsonage built at about the same time as the original stone church; a house as a resource for our small groups; and another home called the Kilgus House, presently being used for many on-going church projects and meetings.

Parking space is available in several areas of the campus. Designated parking spots and ramps are available for the handicapped and for visitors. We welcome you to join us for worship and fellowship.