Sunday School

Our Adult & Youth Sunday School classes are great for small group discussion, fellowship, Bible study, accountability, and learning about our God and Savior. We have several classes to choose from - we'd love to see you there!


The Open Door Class

Rooms 105/106 in the Christian Living Center

Our large class of seniors (age 60+) is fortunate to have members who volunteer to teach on a rotating basis. Occasionally, an outside speaker or teacher will visit and we also have viewed video tape lessons. There is much discussion in our class. We have social events, such as our annual Christmas party, potluckdinner parties, and have gone to see plays as a group. We welcome new members. We truly have an Open Door.

The Heaven Bound Class

Rooms 204/205 in the Christian Living Center. The teacher is Rev. Steve Rudy.

Our class is not composed of one age group or relationship status. We have couples and singles. We are a very diverse group that really enjoys each other and is willing to dig deep in some hefty subjects. We welcome anyone to our class for a visit and encourage them to stay, even when the topic turns deep. We supply caffeine, sugar, good conversation and friendship.

The Servant's Class 

Room 203 in the Christian Living Center.

Our class is made of a mix of individuals and couples, ranging from thirties to fifties. We take quite a bit of time with each study, allowing for deep discussion and personal connections to take place. Our class is an active group, participating in many church and community events. We care deeply about one another and are thankful to journey together to know Jesus closer.

The Joy Class

Room 104 in the Education Building/Fellowship Hall and is led by Jean Oldfather.

The class is composed of women in their 50’s and up who love to study favorite Bible passages, making use of book studies along the way. Everyone is welcome to join the group.

The Upward Journey Class

Room 202 in the Christian Living center and is led by Andy and Rose Sears.

All persons are welcome: couples, singles, young parents and grandparents! Over the years, we have studied many books of the Bible, usually alternating (1) a Bible study [Old and New Testament] and (2) a current Christian book study [by authors such as Smith, Lucado, Swindol]. Usually the class enjoys lively discussion and always shares in a time of prayer. Come join us, we’ll have the coffee ready.

Children's Sunday School 

Room 101 in the Education Building/Fellowship Hall.

This class is for preschool and elementary aged children.  

Middle & High School Classes

The Place in the basement of the Sanctuary

Led by our youth minister, the youth will have breakfast snacks in youth basement and a Bible study.  


Currently there are five classes that meet on Sunday mornings from 9:45 a.m. till 10:45 a.m.