Join us for G.A.F.F.A, our Wednesday evening ministries, beginning at 5:30PM with a catered meal. Offerings at 6:30 include adult choir and Bible studies, youth and children discipleship and worship.
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Crestwood United Methodist Preschool

Celebrating 38 Years in Oldham County


Crestwood United Methodist Preschool continues to be a vibrant addition to early childhood education in Oldham County. We offer a nurturing environment where your child will feel safe and loved, providing a warm, family atmosphere. We are proud to welcome families & staff back year after year.

Mission Statement
To enhance a child's learning and self-confidence through parent/teacher teamwork while providing a safe, loving, nurturing, Christian environment where each individual child grows and develops - physically, spiritually, socially, mentally, and emotionally at their own pace.

Interested in joining our preschool family?

Call to set up a visit for you and your child. 


Crestwood United Methodist Preschool FAQ


We are a state-licensed facility. An inspection is conducted annually to verify that we are in compliance with state regulations for preschools/daycares. Our latest inspection report is available left-hand column.

Why is licensing important for you and your child?

The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services holds our preschool accountable for complying with state regulations so that each child is loved and nurtured in an environment with high safety standards at all times.


*  3 criminal record checks are conducted statewide and nationwide on all staff.

*  TB tests/assessments are required every 2 years for all staff.

*  All staff attend at least 15 hours of in-service annually.  This includes a 6-hour State Orientation for newly hired staff.

*  CPR & first aid certification requirements are exceeded with all of our staff participating in training.

*  Fire drills, tornado drills and emergency drills and other drills required within the emergency disaster plan are conducted on a monthly/quarterly basis.

*  An annual inspection of the central fire alarm system in the church is required.

*  An annual inspection by the State Fire Marshal's office is conducted.

*  A monthly inspection of all emergency lighting within the building is conducted.

*  All licensing-required hand washings are met for children and staff.

RATIOS  Toddlers: 1 staff to 4 children, Trained Twos, 3s, 4s, & 5s: 1 staff to 6 children 

HIGH STAFF RETENTION Teachers stay an average of 8+ years.


WE HAVE TWO RESOURCE TEACHERS ON STAFF who work with children individually and in small groups.

ALLERGY POLICY  We are a peanut/peanut product-free school.


REGISTRATION Our $205 registration fee is non-refundable.



all classes start at 9:20 AM and end at 1:20 PM

Days of the week Age Group


per Year



Monday/Wednesday Toddlers (Children in diapers - 21-36 months) 63 $172
Tuesday/Thursday Toddlers (Children in diapers - 24-36 months) 66 $180
Tuesday/Thursday Trained Twos - potty trained children


Monday/Wednesday Threes - potty trained children who turn 3 by 8/1/16 63 $172
Tuesday/Thursday Threes - potty trained children who turn 3 by 8/1/16 66 $180



Threes - potty trained children who turn 3 by 8/1/16 93 $254
Tuesday/Thursday Pre-k - children who turn 4 by 8/1/16





Pre-k - Children who turn 4 by 8/1/16 93 $254
Monday-Thursday Pre-k - children who turn 4 by 8/1/16 123 $335



Junior kindergarten - children who turn 5 by 3/31/16 93 $254
Monday-Thursday Junior kindergarten - children who turn 5 by 1/31/16 123 $335


Extended Day

Need a little extra time?

Toddlers may participate in morning (8:00 - 9:15) sessions OR afternoon (1:30-3:00) sessions. Threes, fours, and fives may extend their school day from 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. by participating in both morning and afternoon sessions.

Cost for Extended Day 


Yearly cost for children registered August 2016 - May 2017

  • The cost for one child is $8 for one session and $14 for both sessions on the same day.
  • The cost for 2 children for one session is $14 and $28 for both sessions on the same day.

Monthly cost for children registered before the 1st day of each month

  • The cost for one child is $9 for one session and $16 for both sessions on the same day.
  • The cost for 2 children for one session is $16 and $32 for both sessions on the same day.

Daily cost for children registered up to the evening before the needed session

  • The cost for one child is $10 for one session and $17 for both sessions on the same day.
  • The cost for 2 children for one session is $17 and $34 for both sessions on the same day.

Emergency cost for children registered the day of needed services

  • The cost for one child is $13 for one session and $22 for both sessions on the same day.
  • The cost for 2 children for one session is $22 and $44 for both sessions on the same day.

Extended Day begins on the first day of preschool.


Additional Afternoon Enrichment

(Discovering the gifts/talents of young children in 3-5 year old classes)


Mon (Fall)


Mon (Winter/Spring)


Fall, Winter and Spring = $8.50 per class x 10 classes=$85


Tablet Time  Mondays & Tuesdays 1:40-2:10 $7 per class x 10 classes=$70
Sports/Minds in Motion  Wednesdays or Thursdays 1:40-2:10 Fall, Winter and Spring = $9 per class x 10 classes =$90



Fall & Winter/Spring = $10 per class x 13 classes=$130


Mon (Fall)

Thurs (Fall)


Mon (Wtr./Spring)

Thurs (Wtr./Spring)


Mon (Fall) = $8 per class x 13 classes =$104

**$50 spring recital costume fee due no later than 11/1/14

Thurs (Fall) = $8 per class x 12=$96

Mon (Wtr./Spring) = $8 per class x 10=$80

Thurs (Wtr./Spring)= $8 per class x 13=$104

Beginning Spanish Wed (Fall) 1:40-2:10

Wed (Fall) = $7 per class x 10 classes =$70


Thurs (Wtr./Spring)


Thurs (Wtr./Spring)= price to be announced



"We love CUMC preschool. Our son is ready to go to school every morning. He feels safe and loved which has to happen before any child can learn. He has learned so much this year. He enjoys getting his letter, color, and shape of the week! The activities for the children are great! iPad time, gym time, art, music, etc. give variety to their days.  The after school activities are really good as well!  CUMC is really clean and does a great job at promoting good hygiene with the children. This keeps our kids in school rather than home sick.

I can’t say enough about CUMC. We highly recommend to anyone who asks!"


"We have attended CUMC Preschool for a total of 5 years combined with both of my children. The love and care our children have received is above and beyond any care in the county. The staff love on and nurture all of the children that walk through the door. Both of my children have finished up their tenure at CUMC in the 4-day pre-k class/curriculum. The teachers they have are both very well educated and both of my girls have graduated as readers – sight words and word recognition. The extracurriculars offered by the preschool are also wonderful. Both of my girls have enjoyed the Spanish program that is offered on a weekly basis. As our family will graduate from CUMC this spring, we will always hold a special place in our hearts for the foundation set both academically and personally, by CUMC. It’s a great place!!" 

"I didn’t know what all we were missing from our other preschool until we came to CUMC. The wealth of knowledge our daughter learned while being here has certainly prepared her for kindergarten. The ways the children are being taught makes a huge difference. At CUMC they have a lot of hands- on materials to learn from, the kids learn a lot of songs about the topic they’re studying, they have a chance to become technology savvy at school, and much more.

I recommend CUMC to anyone who tells me they’re looking for a preschool."

"The staff of CUMC Preschool has helped to lay the foundation of a love of learning for my son. He is excited to go to school. He can’t wait to share his new knowledge with his siblings and his daddy and me by teaching us the songs and games he has learned."

"We’ll be going into our 4th year here at CUMC and I think I love it more each year!  I’m a very picky momma and thrilled to have found CUMC after trying several others. It doesn’t get better than this.  Almost anyone can keep your kiddos alive for a few hours, but the women here truly make your child feel safe and LOVED in your absence. My 3 kids can’t get enough! After being informed he couldn’t go to camp at CUMC this summer since he’s a kindergartener he nearly shed tears!! All year my kids wake up excited to go to school. They can’t wait. Communication is fabulous with teachers who are willing to talk if ever you have a question, big or small. God says love one another and that is all you’ll feel here in every face you see. They go above and beyond to help in any way they can with whatever your needs may be! They welcome folks here with open arms and look forward to meeting you!"

"We highly recommend CUMC Preschool. Our son has grown by leaps and bounds under the teachers’ loving care. He is learning skills that will equip him for a successful transition to “big kid” school. In addition to kindergarten readiness skills, my son has learned important skills in being a good friend and building his independence. The teachers are fantastic – engaging, caring and fun. The staff communicates well and works with parents to foster an amazing early childhood experience for our little ones. Most importantly, my son is learning about God’s greatness and love. Thanks and gratitude to CUMC for providing a Christian preschool experience second to none."

"Of course, I cried the first day I dropped her off at preschool, but I was soon put at ease when not even a week later almost every teacher in the building was greeting her by name. My husband and I were both so amazed at how much she was learning and how quickly. She came home excited to show off her artwork, sing us a new song, or tell us a story about her friends. The energy when you walk through the doors of CUMC Preschool is enthusiastic and caring – it looks like everyone is ready to have a great day.  What more could you ask?!"

"As a parent of a CUMC Preschool student I have multiple opportunities to participate in school activities.  I enjoy being able to watch my child learn and grow under the care of wonderful teachers and staff. I feel that CUMC Preschool does a wonderful job of communicating with parents as well. The journals allow the parents and teachers to communicate about the child’s day and week. It is always special to hear about what my child enjoyed at school so we can discuss her day at home. I would recommend this preschool to anyone and look forward to our third year here next year."